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February 5, 2008

Instead of repeating information that you can find on any number of websites, I will keep this blog as a diary of what the BbC does each day/week as this might be the greatest help to other campaigners. We have had a few ups and downs so far, but mostly ups.Three of us started thinking about this campaign just before Christmas and, as the other two are particularly busy people, I undertook to lead the initiative. Of course, I had no idea of what I had undertaken!

At the end of January our group had grown to 9 and we had a meeting to map out our ‘Way Forward’. It was decided that we would

  • Get the support of Banchory Development Initiative, the Banchory Community Council and the Banchory Business Association………. [All replied that they are in support.]
  • Survey 100 Banchory shoppers [next week] to ascertain their attitudes to plastic/reusable bags, and then
  • survey the 73 shops in Banchory [end Feb] -hopefully being able to report that the vast majority of shoppers were in favour.
  • Hand out BbC Bookmarks which give some facts on plastics on one side and hints for how to remember to use your reusable bags on the other.
  • Get the support of local schools [spoken to 2 of the 3 in Banchory]. We are now promoting the campaign with other smaller schools in the area and have had a good response from them. Two talks in their Assemblies lined-up so we will get to involve the whole school.
  • Give talks to as many groups as possible. [I am giving a talk to our ‘Third Stage’ group tomorrow and have 2 other talks lined-up so far.]
  • Seek sponsorship from local groups to help fund the initial purchase of 1500 long-handled cotton and 1500 short-handled jute ‘Banchory’ bags. These bags will be sold to the smaller shopkeepers at a small discount with the proviso that they sell them to customers at a maximum price or give them away, as they wish. Monies raised would be used to purchase more bags when necessary. [We have written to 7 local groups so far and are hopeful that some of them will see their way forward to helping us shortly.]
  • Send out a Press Release to the local papers [last Monday].

Well, today we have made page 3 of the Press & Journal and will feature in another article in the same paper tomorrow as well as having a report in The Deeside Piper. It is all happening. Definitely an ‘up’ day.

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