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BANCHORY bags CAMPAIGN [BbC] – the ups and downs

February 10, 2008

I spoke to a local group called ‘Third Stage‘ this week. They were amazed and shocked at the numbers of plastic carrier bags given out. However, they saw some difficulties with doing without plastic bags and raised some important points.

  • many of them live in flats and cannot compost their vegetable peelings, etc.
  • they need plastic bags to put their rubbish in, but had limited budgets.

It is hard for people living in flats with no access to gardens with compost bins. However, I believe that there are organisations in Aberdeen, and even in parts of Banchory, who pick-up garden rubbish and compostable materials on a regular basis. I hope that this service will be expanded to cover the whole of Banchory very shortly.

If you buy/get biodegradable bags and sort your rubbish into

  1. ‘CLEAN’ rubbish which can either go straight into your wheelie bin or into a seperate bin in your kitchen/bathroom/wherever. You can even use a bag in this seperate bin, but make sure you only empty the contents of the bag into the wheelie.
  2. ‘DIRTY’ rubbish which goes into a biodegradable bag and, eventually, into your wheelie bin.

You will be amazed at how little ‘dirty’ rubbish you have, if you do this. [Most of our rubbish seems to be packaging and, of course, we should be complaining about how much of it there is.]

There’s my ‘lecture’ for the day.

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