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February 10, 2008

In a report of an interview with Rebecca Hoskings [who started the campaign in Modbury], the reporter said:-

“It strikes me that, until meeting Hosking, I have been completely representative of the general public’s attitude to plastic bags, particular those picked up at supermarkets. Sometimes I have so many orange Sainsbury’s bags piling up in the larder that I run out of space to put the food. My local store has introduced recycling bins but I’ve never used them. In fact, in the middle of Hosking’s campaign, Gordon Brown made his first significant green speech in which he announced that he intended to call a meeting of all supermarkets to see how their carriers could be eliminated altogether. ‘Every year in Britain, over 13 billion single-use carrier bags are distributed – over 10 bags a week for every household,’ he said. Ten? That was me on a good week. I feel pretty sure though that, if supermarkets do not supply long-lasting and more sustainable alternatives, busy mothers like me will just carry on.”

We just can’t ‘just carry on’. We have to try to make a difference.

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