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February 11, 2008

Several UP days. Wonderful! And a bit of a ‘down’!

The article in the Press & Journal was followed by a longer article the next day which focused on the ‘wider’ picture and yesterday we featured on the front page of The Deeside Piper, our local paper.

Today the STV cameras caught up with us and interviewed a few traders [including our local Somerfield] and captured me surveying a few shoppers. They conducted a few interviews with shoppers and were trying hard to find someone who was against the campaign but I don’t think they found anyone. Hurrah!

The down.

I have spent the weekend thinking about the Action Plan scheme to sell the bags to local retailers and have decided that it would quickly become an administrative nightmare. I have spoken with all of the team and they agree. Therefore, we have decided that BbC will give away bags to the residents/shoppers of Banchory; just as all the other towns who have undertaken similar schemes have done.

The bags will have BANCHORY on one side and the names of our sponsors on the other [logos get complicated]. I think our sponsors will be happier with this arrangement.

Photographed are Margaret and Alison, two members of the team, surveying shoppers in the High Street this morning. It looks as if our shoppers definitely support the campaign.

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