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February 21, 2008

Three BbC volunteers did an initial survey of six of the local shops this week in order to make sure we were asking the right questions on our survey form.    Along with lots of explaination we are asking

  • Have they heard of the campaign
  • How many bags do they give away a week
  • Would they consider supplying their own reusable bags
  • Would they train their staff not to routinely offer plastic carrier bags to customers
  • Would they like input from BbC volunteers with training
  • Would they display a poster
  • Would they object to being mentioned in publicity
  • Any further questions/comments

One shop said that ‘NO’ they definitely would not support the scheme.  They have spent a lot of money on having their own plastic bags produced which were good advertising for their shop.  They had enough bags and plastic wrap for 3-4 yrs.

Another shop was completely the reverse, saying that they would never buy another plastic bag.  The other four were supportive, but had reservations – two saying that customers found the paper bags they used were not good in the rain.  All said that they had been looking into alternatives and that they had found the demand for plastic carrier bags had greatly reduced in the last six months.

As well as doing the survey on a one-to-one basis with the Manager/Owner we are leaving each shop with a list of possible suppliers of different types of reusable bags and a sheet giving them an idea of what the campaign is trying to achieve.

Next week we start surveying the rest of the shops and have to be prepared for several follow-up visits over the coming months. 

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