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February 24, 2008

Banchory Library are very supportive of our scheme and are putting our bookmarks into every book lent by the library over the next few months. Bookmarks have also been taken to the schools and will be distributed there.

Sue Ryder Care has two different styles of jute bags with the Sue Ryder Care name printed on them, and have found they are selling more of these in recent weeks.

However, in one of the shops I was in today when I very politely queried whether a customer standing next to me really needed a plastic carrier bag , the customer said, in no uncertain terms:

“It’s too ******** late to save the planet.”

Oh, well – Ups and downs!

Ten shops surveyed today and only one definitely not in support of the campaign. The others will need some persuading if they are to be completely won over, although many said that they had been thinking of making changes.

GOOD NEWS, in that ALL of the shops remarked that more and more customers were bringing their own bags with them and refusing plastic bags.

Commenting on the interest generated by the campaign, Councillor Karen Clark says :

There has been a lot of media attention focused on Banchory in the last week or two and it is really putting the town on the map. “

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