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March 2, 2008

What a week this has been. The Daily Mail has really done all PBF campaigns proud, but just in case some of you didn’t get past the stunning, but really shocking photographs [lion ©2006, Lauren Darcey/] and text of the first nine [yes, 9 pages] in the COMMENT column the editor said:

“…….. of all the threats to the Earth’s environment, none is easier to remove than this plague of plastic.

………This is ………. about changing mindsets so that all of us are prepared to make that small extra effort to bring our own bags along to the weekly shop.

Yes, there will be times when shoppers are caught unprepared – and we’ll curse having to pay a few pence extra to buy new bags.

But we are confident the great majority of our [Daily Mail] readers will agree that the time to Banish the Bags has come.

For any small sacrifice we have to make, it will be consolation enough that our streets, fields, parks seas, rivers and beaches will be cleaner for our grandchildren to enjoy.”

On the same page John Humphrys in a long article entitled ‘Alone, I can do nothing. But if all of us banish the bags, we’ll make a REAL difference’ ends by saying:

“In the end, this is about more than plastic bags – or tigers or ice caps. In some ways, they are the equivalent of the canary in the coalmine falling off its perch. If the miners fail to notice, they will pay the price.

But, just for a change, let’s take a more optimistic approach and give the final word to Shakespeare. In Julius Caesar, he wrote: “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

If we can deal with the tide of plastic bags, who knows what else we can do.”

Thank you, Daily Mail and John Humphrys.

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  1. March 2, 2008 7:42 pm

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for your blog post about this article. Plastic bag campaigns are an important cause and I am proud to have been a photo contributor to that article.

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