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March 2, 2008

In an article entitled ‘Stores get a year to ban bags’ Gordon Brown said:

“…… our aim as a country must be to elimiunate the single-use plastic bag altogether.

….. If we want others to change, we must make it easier for people to make the right choices.  That applies to individual things each of us do, and also what our firms and shops do.

So the Government is ready to do what it can to encourage a change in the way we use these bags.

…. I want to do what I can to reduce waste and improve our planet.

…..I am convinced that we need to act, and the time to act is now.

….. I am certain that in Britain we now have a groundswell of opinion that it is right to take decisive steps to protect the planet, to safeguard the beauty of our national world and ensure our country is indeed a green and pleasant land.”

There is also an online article and message from the PM in The Guardian.

Please, send a message to No 10 [and to the Scottish and Welsh Parliamnents] to say you agree that action should be taken NOW.

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