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March 10, 2008


West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine MSP Mike Rumbles and MP Robert Smith have given their backing to the campaign to make Banchory the first town in North-east Scotland to go plastic bag free.

The parliamentarians joined me for a photograph taken in Banchory High Street last Friday, March 7 to lend their support.

In a Press Release, Mr Rumbles said:

“Christina and her colleagues have done a fantastic job in highlighting this important issue and I am very pleased to support the campaign. Choosing reusable bags is a small way in which everyone can do their bit to help the environment.”

Robert Smith added:

“The recent decision by Marks and Spencer to introduce a charge for plastic bags showed just how quickly public opinion is moving on this issue. It would be fantastic for Banchory to be the first town in the North-east to be plastic bag free and
I hope that more and more people will get behind the campaign.”

As conveynor for the campaign, I added:

“The Banchory bags Campaign is absolutely delighted to have the support of Sir Robert Smith and Mike Rumbles. This indicates that political thinking is abreast of local concerns. “In 2005 their Liberal Democrat colleague Mike Pringle, the MSP for Edinburgh South, introduced a Members Bill in theScottish Parliament calling for a levy to be introduced on plastic bags. BbC believe that it is by local actions, such as ours in Banchory, that the issue, whether through a levy or other means, will be brought to the forefront of political legislation once again.

“BbC volunteers are continuing to move the campaign forward and have had a positive response to their recent survey of Banchory shops.”

More on the survey next time.

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