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March 28, 2008

Since the beginning of March [it seems forever!], I have been struggling to get all the sponsors logos [10, in all, plus the logo for Banchory Development Initiative, our umbrella company] incorporated into the design of the bag………………and this was with the help of a Graphic Designer who happens to be a member of the environmental team of one of the sponsors.

I have just done a quick count and it looks as if over 150 emails have been exchanged with the various parties concerned. I don’t know if other groups have had similar experiences.

Unfortunately, some of the wording on the logos provided could not be screen-printed [which is the process used by Go Green Bags] and we have just had to do the best we could, given these circumstances.

Here is a sneak-preview of what the bags will look like. [I should have photos of a ‘mock-up’ bag very shortly and we will get a better idea then.]

The first photo is of the base and the design will be split in two, with one half showing on either side of the folded bag. [You will get a better idea when I put-up the photos of the ‘mock-up’ bag.] The other photos show the two sides of the bags.


I think they will certainly get noticed when shoppers start carrying them full of shopping on the streets of the town.

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