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March 28, 2008


On Easter Sunday, I was invited to participate in an ‘Environmental Awareness’ display that the Birse & Feughside Parish Church was hosting after their Easter Service. 

It is a delightful little church, set deep in the Aberdeenshire countryside, and it was a surprise to find that between 80-100 parishoners were at the Service.  Several other organisations had set out displays and the parishoners showed a very keen interest in environmental issues. 

The Waste Aware Department of Aberdeenshire Council were giving away cloth bags and these were snapped-up within minutes.  I literally had to hang onto my own personal collection of bags which I had taken to liven-up the display! 

The parishoners particularly seemed to like the Go Green bags I had brought back from Australia some years ago [and have used ever since], so I am hopeful that the Go Green representative will get a good response when we visit early in April the seventeen traders in Banchory who indicated in our survey that they would be interested in stocking alternative bags.

Banchory bags Campaign has ordered their ‘CLEANER GREENER BANCHORY’ bags from Go Green, but more of that in another post.

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