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April 8, 2008

Today, Liz Forrester, the Go Green Bags representative and I did the rounds of all the Banchory shops who had expressed an interest in perhaps stocking reusable bags.  In the pouring rain, I might add, [liz without a raincoat and me with a broken umbrella!], we visited 22 shops together and Liz went on to visit another 3 after I had left her.

I think it was a very successful morning although only 3 shops actually bought boxes of bags [100 bags] at the time.  Most of the shops were extremely interested and Liz left them with sample bags and details of the Go Green website where they could confirm any of the information she had told them.  I am sure that many will get in touch with the company once they have had time to consider what and how many they require.  One shop, a newly opened bookshop, was very keen to have their own bag produced and others also expressed interest in possibly having their own bags made.

Banchory must be a ‘pink’ town, as 6 of the shops chose the pink sample bag out of the many varied colours Liz had with her.  However, two of those which bought bags chose mixed boxes of red/blue/green.  It will be interesting to go back in a few weeks’ time and see how they have gone.

Most rewarding, from my point of view, was a visit to the local toy shop which had been very keen to have bags, but they said that virtually nobody wanted bags these days [everybody bringing their own], so they had changed their minds.  A shame for Liz, but very good news for me.

When I got home, I had a very pleasant surprise.  One of the takeaway Fish & Chip shops had emailed in response to a letter I had written their Head Office in Aberdeen, asking where he could get bags.  He wants to suggest to customers that they bring back their bags on their weekly/daily visits to the shop.   Go Green bags would be ideal for this purpose as they are washable.   Unfortunately, Liz had left by this time to visit a local Farm Shop but I have put them in touch with one another and Liz will send him a sample bag, I am sure.

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