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April 9, 2008

I had been very disappointed at the lack of progress Somerfield appeared to be making after the enthusiasm Nigel, the Manager, had expressed early in the campaign. All was made clear when I asked to speak with him again yesterday and was told that Nigel was no longer the Manager of the Banchory store.

Back to square one! Sean is now the Manager, so I spoke at some length with him. He seemed quite keen but did not seem to think that they were getting jute bags [as Nigel had indicated]. However, he said he would check this.

He also said that he would check to see if it was possible for them to offer a free ‘Bag for Life’ to every customer who brought 5 plastic carrier bags [from any store] into the supermarket, and to agree to replace the ‘Bag for Life’ when it was worn out.

I am not sure how enthusiatically he will follow this through, so I have written him a letter stating that without Somerfield’s positive assistance, the campaign will prove much harder to bring off.

I also pointed out that

As I am sure you would realise, the ‘Bags For Life’ [and/or the jute bags, if they are available] would need to be displayed in a prominent position on the check-out counter where customers could reach for them, instead of the single-use bags which are currently readily available.

In some Plastic Bag Free towns the supermarkets have placed single-use plastic carrier bags UNDER the counter and only give them away if customers ask for them. This initiative has proven most effective in these towns and might prove popular with Banchory shoppers as 98% of those we questioned said they would support Banchory becoming a Plastic Bag Free town.

Even if you are unable to offer ‘Bags For Life’ in exchange for single-use carrier bags, the BbC would very much appreciate your promoting the ‘Bags For Life’ with big posters around your store and, if possible, a banner outside the store saying that you are supporting the Banchory bags Campaign.

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  1. Middle Man permalink
    May 29, 2008 1:18 pm

    Oh dear. I do hope that progress is forthcoming. Otherwise, I suggest you go to Waitrose. You might enjoy this:

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