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April 25, 2008

Thankfully, I found that not all areas of the UK are littered with plastic rubbish dropped from cars.   In some, my husband and I could actually enjoy the wildflowers growing on the verges.  What a delight after all those miles of litter!  Let’s make all of the UK roadsides, countryside, towns and cities free from litter, and the easiest way to make a start is to make your village/town/suburb plastic bag free.

Go Green Bags were kind enough to mention our campaign here in Banchory on their website  this month:-

One town in Aberdeenshire particularly made headlines with their campaign to become a ‘plastic bag free town’. Banchory, a beautiful town which sits on the banks of the River Dee have set up a campaign which was started and run by local resident, Christina Brown. Christina started her campaign in January this year, she has written weekly blogs about her ups and downs throughout the campaign, which you can read all about here.

The Banchory Bag Campaign has chosen Go Green Bags to produce their bag which they will be giving away to local residents of Banchory.  They’ve had a great response from sponsors who have helped to finance the bag and we’re sure that the bag will be a huge success.

There are many towns all over the UK who, like Banchory are setting a great example to the rest of the world. If you have an interest or know of someone who would like to start such a campaign to join other ‘plastic bag free’ towns, I’m sure Christina would be happy to help with advice on where to start. Go Green Bags are and will continue to be proud to support such great causes. Please contact us, we will help all we can.

There is a lot of support you can get, if you do decide to start a campaign, and don’t be put-off by the thought that you might not be 100% successful immediately.  Many so called ‘plastic bag free towns’ are still working towards that end and are just pleased to have made a start.

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