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April 25, 2008

One of the Banchory bags Campaign team was recently in the South West and she especially made a visit to Modbury in order to see at first-hand what effect their campaign had had on the town.  This is what she reported back to the team:-

I thought you might be interested in what I saw in the S.West when we were down there recently.  Mainly it was a big plus especially about Modbury.  Being plastic bag free is really working there.   I was particularly impressed by the Co-op.   As I queued up I could see that they had no single use bags at the check out,  not even the Co-op degradable ones.   If you are stuck, you can buy a bio-degradable corn starch one for 5p or Modbury’s own eco one (£3.99 I think) and that’s it.  As you go into the shop, facing you is a display of bags- their own Co-op cotton ones, two Modbury bags and some turtle bags.  With this, are leaflets produced by the Co-op in support of the campaign .

That is truly wonderful.  All concerned must have worked very hard indeed to make their campaign so successful.

I am going to approach our Co-op to see if I can get them to be more proactive.  I know that the Manager is in favour of the campaign but so far all he has done is to put out stocks of their cotton bags [which have been very popular].  I believe that the store is to be refurbished in June, so perhaps that will provide us with a mutually beneficial  opportunity to address the issue of single-use plastic bags.

I have talked at length with the Promotions Manager at the Co-op Head Office and she tells me they are running trials in various areas at the moment, but it was impossible to include Banchory in those trials. Hopefully, the trials will be successful and Banchory will be able to participate in any future scheme.  She sent me a long email trying to reassure me that the Co-op degradable bags are not harmful, but I am not convinced. 

Personally, I would rather people used reusable bags.

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