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April 30, 2008

I spent Monday afternoon going around and talking with some of the shopkeepers and thought I would report on the progress they were making……..good news and bad.
Sue Ryder – who were totally in favour of the campaign and the local manager running down stocks of plastic bags reports that one of their Managers has just re-ordered thousands of plastic bags for the Banchory shop!  I have had a lot of correspondence with SR so will be following this up.  Local manager doing everything she can to promote their reusable bags which are very varied and attractive.  [Following an email to SR, I have had an apology from them saying that they are fully in support of BbC and that the person who ordered these bags is no longer with them.]
Mitchells, a hardware shop, brought-up the suggestion that the Banchory Business Association get together and order bags at the last meeting of the Association, but it will not happen as they were the only ones apart from the committee at the meeting.
[I talked with the Chairman of the association on the ‘phone and he confirmed that they could not help us, except to send out information to all their members.  He did say that he, personally, was in favour of what we were doing and said that he would source alternatives for the Inchmarlo Golf Shop – which he runs and he will happily put up posters, etc supporting BbC.]
Charles Michie Chemists staff tell me that at least 25% of customers bring their own bags.  Good work, but some way yet to go.
The Co-op Manager reports that all Co-op stores are going to move to having plastic bags kept where customers will have to ask for them [at some time in the future].  The Banchory store is to be re-fitted in June and we agreed that we could have a ‘mutually beneficial’ campaign – pushing their cotton bags, which would be kept in a prominent position in future, handing out our ‘hints’, and talking with folk.
WH Smith are getting their own cotton bags and will, likewise, be keeping plastic bags where customers have to ask for them.  The Manager says her order for plastic bags has reduced by 1/3rd.
Bentleys, a dress shop, staff are very keen on the pink Go Green Bag left with them earlier this month but haven’t had any feed-back from the owner.  They will follow this up for me.
Hay’s Florists will do a special floral display in June to support the campaign.

Red Cross complained that some of our ‘supporters’ had been in and abused their staff.  I apologised profusely and said that I was sure that none of the BbC team would do that.

Cherubs, Baby Shop, ready to order some bags from Go Green.

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