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June 7, 2008


Three officers from the Aberdeenshire Council Waste Aware Department brought their BIG BUS to help members of the team raise the awareness of Banchory residents to the bags Campaign as well as broader environmental issues.  They were most impressed by the numbers of Banchory shoppers who were already carrying their own reusable bags.

Team members also stood in the High Street talking with the few shoppers who were still carrying plastic bags and gave away many of our bookmarks with Hints and Tips on how to remember your bags. 

We also told them that next Saturday, June 14, BbC will be giving away 2,000 ‘Cleaner, Greener, Banchory’ bags at St. Ternan’s Fair in the local Bellfield Park.  [Go Green assure me that the bags WILL have cleared Customs and be delivered to Banchory early that morning!  It’s a bit nerve wracking, but we have gone ahead with articles in the local press, etc, on the assumption that they will arrive.  Fingers and toes crossed!]

The Waste Aware team kindly said that they would be happy to come along and help next Saturday, too, but without their bus as there would not be room with all the other stalls that will be gathering for the Fair.   That will be great.  Many thanks, they have been most helpful.

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