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June 27, 2008

St Ternans Fair 2 St Ternans Fair 3

St Ternans Fair 5 St Ternans Fair 1
St Ternans Fair

Unfortunately, I had to miss the Fair but, as you can see, the team did a great job on setting-up our stall and had a wonderful day……….. until  St Ternans Fair 4 a torrential storm hit Banchory!

Despite the weather, they managed to give away lots and lots of bags and had good responses from everyone they talked with about the campaign.

We do have some bags left, and plan to do a follow-up day after a few months when we think shoppers might need reminding to bring their bags with them when they go shopping.

I must add that I keep my new ‘Cleaner, Greener, Banchory’ bag folded in my handbag and have found it extremely useful.  It holds an amazing amount of shopping and sits very comfortably on my shoulder when full.  Well done to Go Green Bags for designing such a useful bag.

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