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July 1, 2008

The exciting news has just hit Banchory that the Primary 2/3 Class won the Total Total Green Award.

The Green School Awards, organised by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment (YPTE), were launched in 2006 to encourage cross-curricular work on the environment in primary schools and stimulate interest in both conventional and alternative energy sources.

The Awards enable teachers to bring the environment into many areas of study across the national curriculum for England, Wales and Scotland.

Participating schools develop projects which compete for regional awards, with regional award winners then going on to a National Green School Awards final ceremony.    Over 100 schools engaged in this national initiative during school term 2006/7.

The national final ceremony is held at London Zoo and Banchory Primary 2/3’s, having won the Scottish Division, caught the ‘Red-Eye’ early flight down from Aberdeen to be present.  The winners receive a four day all expenses paid environmental discovery course run by the Trust.

If anyone reading this wants more information visit

WELL DONE to Banchory Primary 2/3’s and to Ruth Macdonald, their teacher.

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