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July 26, 2008

I was talking with the Manager of our local Somerfield yesterday and he told me that in the first 8 weeks of this financial year their order for single-use plastic carrier bags was down by two-thirds [2/3rds!] on the same period last year, and this is before they carry-out their planned campaign to get people to use their Bags for Life.  He is thrilled and I and the BbC team are thrilled [or, at least, I know they will be when I get a chance to tell them].

When I told the Manager that I would like to run a Follow-Up Campaign on November 8 concentrating mainly on Somerfield, he invited the BbC team into the store and said he was happy for us to stand at the counters chatting to customers about the campaign and giving away our ‘Cleaner, Greener, Banchory’ bags & ‘BAGS’ stickers to anyone who did not have their own bags.  He is also happy to have the Aberdeenshire Council Waste Aware bus parked in the car park for the day.  I’m not sure if he has ever seen it.  It is huge and always attracts a large audience.  The Waste Aware team have been very helpful in the past, so it would be great if they could be with us.

Unfortunately, I have found that the re-fitted Co-op [which looks good] is not carrying out the procedures that Head Office outlined to me, but I am hopeful that this will change in the near future.

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