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December 5, 2008

We had a very successful ‘Follow-Up’ to our Campaign in early November.  

A very rough survey of the shops which had given away the most plastic bags showed a remarkable decline in the numbers of bags being given away.  Somerfield, for instance, told us that they had reduced the number of bags they ordered by 80%.  It was very heartening.

We still decided to target Somerfield for our ‘Follow-up’, together with McColls, WH Smith and the Co-op on the High Street, and the Waste Aware team also came to Somerfield with their big bus to talk to residents about waste and to reinforce our message.

We had over 600 ‘Cleaner, Greener, Banchory’ bags to give away and a team of 8 volunteers managed to do this in just a couple of hours.  Many shoppers were already carrying their own reusable bags, but those who didn’t have any welcomed the Banchory bags with open arms.  The volunteers really noticed a difference in the attitude of shoppers.

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