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July 16, 2009

The Marine Conservation Society has posted the following on its web-site and, as Banchory is participating in this day, I thought you should all be aware of what is going on.  It is a great idea and we in Banchory hope that, if shoppers find that they can do without single-use plastic bags for one day, they can do so on following days.

I urge anyone reading this post to spread the word.

Plastic Bag Free Day

plasticbagfree_endorsement logo.jpg

The UK’s first Plastic Bag Free Day will be on the 12th September 2009. MCS is supporting the day to get everyone to think about how much we rely on plastic packaging, and how easily we can all make a change to benefit our environment.

We are asking shoppers to ditch the plastic bags for good! Just take a reusable bag with you when you shop.

There are many ways you can support Plastic Bag Free day. Leave plastic bags at the checkout, help to make your town Plastic Bag Free or join in the celebrations at town’s that have already stopped using plastic bags. You could also write to shops and supermarkets asking them to support the day.

Town’s that are holding events to celebrate Plastic Bag Free day are shown below. More to come soon!

– Salisbury

– Seaham

– East Dulwich

– Selkirk

– Banchory

– Chesham

– Brighton

– Overton

– Kew

– Whitby

– Harrogate

– Haddington

– Ullapool

– Modbury

– Helston

– Lambeth

– Pontypridd

– Bridgend

– Kinrossshire

– Worthing

– Hebden Bridge

– Doncaster

– Plymouth

– Wellington

– Chepstow

– Abergeveny

– Monmouth

– Newport

– Edinburgh

– Maidstone

– Saltash

– Penrith

– Carmarthen

– Southwark

– Bridgend

– Market Harborough

– Netherfield

– Henfield

– North Berwick

– Kingston

– Lyme Regis

Towns that are, or are planning to go, Plastic Bag Free are listed here. Click to see if your town is among them.

To keep up to date with what MCS is doing for Plastic Bag Free day, and our other work, why not sign up to our free e-newsletter? Click here

Why should we all go Plastic Bag Free?

Each household in the UK uses 300 plastic bags every year. Even when we dispose of them correctly, plastic bags often get blown out of bins and landfill sites and end up littering our land and oceans.130709 Haverfordwest. Hookbags K.jpg

In the sea plastic bags look very similiar to jellyfish. Many marine animals, such as whales and turtles, accidentally eat the plastic bags but they can block their digestive systems and may cause them to starve to death.

MCS organises beach cleans and litter surveys and plastic items are the most commonly found items. Plastic litter has increased by 146% since 1994. In 2008 our volunteers found 8,174 plastic bags on just one weekend.

This has to stop, and it is easy to change. Join in on Plastic Bag Free day and ditch the plastic bags for good!

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