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September 11, 2009

Banchory is getting ready to join the Plastic Bag Free Day that is being organised by many groups across the United Kingdom and the world tomorrow, September 12, 2009.

Plastic bag Free Day 001.jpg

Posters have gone up in shops in the town centre and on lamposts around the town asking shoppers to remember to bring their reusable bags with them.

The Banchory bags Campaign team will have a stall in the High Street where they will be joined by the MP, MSP and Councillors for the town, as well as the Aberdeenshire Waste Aware Team.  A quiz has been compiled and reusable bags containing other ‘goodies’ will be given away to 40 lucky shoppers.  Another 50 of the Co-op’s cotton bags will be given away at the stall and yet another 50 in the local Co-op store.

As well as bags and ‘goodies’ supplied by Waste Aware, BbC will be handing-out more of their bookmarks which set out facts about plastic bags on one side and ways to remember to take reusable bags on the other.  These bookmarks were very popular last year and the Banchory Library is hoping that not all will be given away tomorrow as they like to pop them into books borrowed from the library.

Checkout operators in the Co-op will be wearing especilly designed T-shirts promoting the PBF Day and, as well as cotton bags, they will be giving away 200 of their Bags-For-Life.

The Co-op District Manager has promoted the day right across all Co-op stores in Aberdeenshire and has suggested that BbC actively engage in conversations about plastic bags with shoppers in the Banchory store tomorrow.  He would also like BbC to repeat this action regularly over the next few months.

Good luck to all the other groups participating in the day.

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