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March 27, 2010

Bonnie Banchory is calling on the people of Banchory to show how much they hate litter by joining in with Beautiful Scotland’s National Spring Clean on Sunday, April 25, at 2pm for approximately 1hour in Bellfield Park.

Volunteers of all ages who are tired of litter and of paying for the Council to clean up after other people, are planning to blitz the Bellfield Park which is the ‘heart’ of Banchory.  Other areas will be tackled,  if sufficient volunteers come and help.

Bonnie Banchory members hope that their actions will show the rest of the community how big an issue litter has become – and that dropping it is not acceptable.  Not only do littered streets and parks damage business and tourism opportunities but it also costs Scottish council taxpayers £65 million a year to clean them.

In 2009 more than 57,639 volunteers took part in 1,082 clean up events as part of National Spring Clean during the month of April. The average quantity of litter collected per person across Scotland was one and a half black bags – that is enough to fill 28,819 standard wheelie bins.

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