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September 10, 2010

As promised, the Corporate Affairs Manager for the Aberdeenshire area, Douglas Wilson, met with me last Tuesday, September 7.  We had a lengthy chat about Tesco’s policies relating to single-use plastic bags and agreed that

  1. Single use plastic bags would always be kept out of sight.
  2. Check-out operators would leave it up to customers to ask for a bag.  [i.e. They would not ask if customers need a bag.]
  3. If a customer requests a single use bag, operators would ask if they would like to buy a reusable bag, with various types readily available on the counter.
  4. At the end of each counter there would be a display of various reusable bags.
  5. Customers would be allocated ‘Green Clubcard points’ for using their own bags.
  6. All the above would be a permanent part of the training programme.
  7. Banchory bags Campaign could be in the store talking with customers at the Opening – November 22 was mentioned.
  8. There would be a special promotion of reusable bags for several weeks after the Opening.  BbC would prefer longer lasting bags to be promoted, rather than the Bag For Life.  Similar promotions could be held from time to time.
  9. Tesco’s support for the Banchory bags Campaign would be clearly displayed on the Community Notice Board.
  10. Support for the campaign would be indicated in the leaflet to be sent to Banchory residents.
  11. ‘Remember Your Bags’ signs would be placed at the end of each trolley park, rather than on the sides.
  12. A count of how many single use bags are saved would be made available to BbC if requested.
  13. The Community Officer would be available to come to meetings, if requested and some funding to go towards BbC initiatives would be available on a regular basis.

I have asked for confirmation of the acceptance of the above from Tesco and will report once it is obtained.

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