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How You Can Help The Campaign

This isn’t a campaign that can be won by a few committed people, it needs to be supported by as many people as possible. We know just how easy it is to use plastic bags, they have been a part of our consumer culture for a very long time and changing that culture is going to take a conscious effort by all of us.

Here in Banchory we have had bookmarks printed which our local library and the book shop will put into every book; and the local Arts Centre, the traders at the market, and several stores will give out. As well as listing six facts about plastic, the bookmarks are printed with HINTS AND TIPS to try to help people to remember to take their reusable bags with them.

  • Say “no thanks” to plastic bags
  • Try to always carry a compact reusable bag with you
  • Remember to take reusable bags with you on shopping trips
  • If you forget – ask for a cardboard box
  • When you’ve unpacked, leave them ready for their next job:
    • By the door
    • In your coat pocket
    • With your wallet and keys

BbC also hope that when you go into the Banchory shops you will TELL THEM you are supporting the campaign and that you DO NOT WANT them to routinely put shopping into plastic bags.

Our local politicians have been very supportive of our campaign, but it would also be a help if you sent an email to them telling them that you want them to take action on plastic bags. You can find a list of the local representatives here.

Finally, if you would like to be kept in touch with our campaign please let us know by writing to us in the box below.

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